About Me

I am a University student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego. I am involved in various engineering programs, such as IEEE, and it is my goal to further my passion in this field. By continuing to mix, master, and create more projects, I believe that I will be able to produce changes in the field of enginnering in order to improve society in the future.

Working on group projects in school is a great way to develop communication skills that are vital for success in the field of engineering. I received many opportunities to sharpen my communication skills in ECE 5 last year working with partners and groups throughout the course. I realized how important communication really is in order to accomplish goals that are necessary to produce a final project that one can be proud of. This experience allowed me to view the necessity of collaboration in person, as verbally talking to other students with face-to-face interactions can simulate future work on the job. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with friends for a hackathon last year called H.A.R.D HACK. Even though we were not allotted much time, this experience further expressed my demand to work with other engineers as we were able to create a simple project that in the end actually worked. This feeling of accomplishment continued my desire to work on projects in the future, as I am now joining IEEE QP, which are quarterly projects with groups of small teams that create their own project to display to judges at the end of the quarter, and also IEEE grand PrIEEE, which is a similar to QP but instead is year round and deals with autonomous RC cars.

Big business companies want more and more engineers that can effectively communicate. I experienced this directly while working over the summer for a company that manufactures radio frequency cables. I have been working there for many years as a summer job and the most valuable skill I picked up was communication. In order to effectively and efficiently assemble the products, it is important to know the steps and design that goes into the process. My boss and other coworkers demonstrated these processes and logically explained how to create the cables being manufactured there. They also gave me tips along the way, which increased production time and efficiency, as well as allowed me to converse and connect with them more, creating a better and more comfortable work environment. Bosses, as well as other workers, want employees who can express their ideas verbally, explain their goals effectively, or even just strike up casual conversation here and there on the job in order to make the day less painful. In addition to communication skills, I also possess technical skills in the field of electrical engineering, such as C and C++ programming, as well as Solidworks and EagleCAD experience. I hold problem solving skills and abilities, which I have used on the job as well as with school projects.

My Goals

As for educational tools, I feel like I have learned a lot from my professors at the university, especially from Professor Nguyen. In his class, I learned valuable educational and technical skills about what it really means to be an engineer in this field. His lessons and passion for the field make me want to follow his path and pursue further interest in his research. I would like to dedicate my time after graduating to extend his legacy and enhance the education of future electrical engineers of this great university. I firmly believe that my communication and technical skills as an engineer are what set me apart from others in my field and make me a better recruit for this position. In addition, I believe that my work ethic and desire to achieve more can greatly benefit this program in the future. For this reason, it is my hope and dream that I may have the opportunity to continue my attendance at the University of California San Diego in order to pursue a graduate degree in the field of Electrical Engineering, as I feel this school is best suited for my objectives and purpose.

This Website
I created this website from scratch by learning how to code HTML and CSS. I then created a GitHub account where I host and the server from my website.