These references are for those who are interested in the field of engineering and what to develop a career in engineering in the future.

The Envision Makerspace is a great place to work on personal and school-related engineering projects. It is a nice environment filled with helpful engineers and many tools needed to get the job done.

IEEE annual projects is a great place to get involved with electrical engineering projects such as Grand PRIEEE and Micromouse.

IEEE quarterly projects is a nice, fast project design group that takes place over the course of a quarter. This program allows students to work in groups to design and produce projects in teams based on a topic introduced by the organization.

IEEE is an association that is dedicated to the advancement and innovation of technological excellence for the benefit of humankind. It is the world's largest technical and professional society, designed to serve pther professionals who are involved in aspects of the electrical, electronic, and computing fields, as well as related areas of science and technology that guide modern civilization.